We are Warriors

Menstrual pads are a huge part of life for anyone who has a period. But society shuns our periods, telling US from a very young age that we should be ashamed. Of our bodies. Of US. "Hide away that blood! Wrap up that used pad! Tuck it in the bottom of the trash can where no one can see it!" Get the evidence in a landfill as quickly as possible, where it will sit for up to 500 years.


From ages 12 to 60, monthly periods add up to almost 300 pounds of waste per person. That’s 300 pounds of waste over the course of our lifetimes, sitting in a landfill for hundreds of years after we are gone! All because people tell US that our bodies are shameful; our periods should be hidden away.

Nothing about our bodies is shameful. Period.

We are US

Founded and run by women, uterUS is more than just a brand of reusable period products. uterUS is the sister product of WeWarriors, a washable, reusable pad for light bladder leaks. Founders Amy and Cathy found it difficult to find products that met their environmental and practical needs. They wanted something that was sustainable and soft, so they worked with doctors to create products that would help women avoid the chafing, sores, and infections that can come from disposables. After designing for the comfort and practicality, the most common question they got was: Do the products work for periods? Well, yes. Yes they do.

WeWarriors is now selling products for high bladder leaks and periods under the uterUS brand name. 

Transitioning into period products was a natural step, but Cathy and Amy knew they would need help to reach a younger market. They turned to Northern Illinois University’s College of Business, and found two teams of Bloody Buddies to revamp their brand and help them pitch their vision. uterUS not only wants to reduce waste, but also to encourage other entrepreneurs to take a stand. We believe that sustainability is the future and that manufacturing can be done well in the United States, with eco-friendly materials and living wages paid to the people who make our products. 

Welcome to our vision: a brand that empowers people with periods, helps our

planet, and keeps supplies readily available to those who need them. 

This is uterUS

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