About Bags of Hope Stockton:


Coleen Sykes-Ray created the Bags of Hope ministry in 2016.


Their mission is to provide under-served women and school aged-girls education on puberty, menstrual hygiene, and menopause, as well as access to feminine hygiene products.


After a crazy trip to the Tahoe National Forest where they were utterly un-prepared for the extreme cold conditions and a friend's unexpected menstrual cycle, Coleen and her friend talked about the homeless women in the community and the types of items they must use when they are caught un-prepared. After that trip, Coleen and her daughter decided to do a little research, and Bags of Hope was born.


The first time they went out the response was overwhelming. The team did not expect to find so many women living in tents and extremely poor conditions. They encountered many women who had lost hope, some even walking around in blood-stained pants. Bags of Hope made it their mission to restore dignity and hope through one bag at a time. Their goal is to provide a warm embrace, a hot meal and quality items that women in need don't necessarily receive on a regular basis. Since Bags of Hopes inception, Coleen and her team have given out more than 5,000 sanitary napkins and a little over 800 bags per year. Each year we have an annual dinner to raise funds and highlight women in our community who have done exceptionally well in service.


Learn more about Bags of Hope in Stockton at www.bagsofhopestockton.com/about

Bags of Hope Stockton

Extra EcoPads
Extra Glue Sticks
  • ⚬ Two low-profile, breathable, antimicrobial EcoPads.

    ⚬ One WeStick to help attach the EcoPad to your underwear.

    ⚬ One Carry Bag that is leak-resistant to keep your clean and used pads separated on the go.

    ⚬ One Wash Bag to protect your eco-friendly pads during washing.

    ** The ability to add extra EcoPads and WeSticks is available for an additional cost. The gracious extra donation(s) will benefit the person who is recieveing it greatly!

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