About the Period Collective of Chicago:


The Period Collective is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, committed to supplying period products to homeless and low-income individuals in the greater Chicago area.

Their organization's focus is on supplying products to shelters, transitional housing facilities, food banks, schools, and other organizations that work with homeless and low-income clients. They are aiming to fill a void, as period products are not frequently being donated and organizations they work with do not usually have a budget for supplying these items.


Their desire to help came after learning about the challenges homeless and low-income individuals face with menstruation. They think it’s unacceptable that people in our own community don’t have access to products they need—and as a result have to miss work and school. No one should ever be in a situation where they have to choose between buying dinner for their family, or buying period products. There are so many challenges that these individuals face throughout the course of a day, and this shouldn’t have to be one of them.


Lack of period products is an issue of dignity and health, and one that is not often talked about as there is still a lot of stigma around this topic. It’s their hope that they can make a difference and create a bit of comfort in the daily lives of under resourced individuals in the greater Chicago area.


Learn more about the Period Collective of Chicago at: ThePeriodCollective.org

The Period Collective

Extra EcoPads
Extra Glue Sticks
  • ⚬ Two low-profile, breathable, antimicrobial EcoPads.

    ⚬ One WeStick to help attach the EcoPad to your underwear.

    ⚬ One Carry Bag that is leak-resistant to keep your clean and used pads separated on the go.

    ⚬ One Wash Bag to protect your eco-friendly pads during washing.

    ** The ability to add extra EcoPads and WeSticks is available for an additional cost. The gracious extra donation(s) will benefit the person who is recieveing it greatly!

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