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Like all well-made clothing, uterUS pads are meant to be  worn again and again

Simply brush the back of the uterUS EcoPad with the wash-away adhesive glue stick, apply it to your underwear, and resume your active lifestyle, knowing the pad will keep you dry.

When you are ready to change, you can remove the pad, place it in the leak-resistant gray carry bag, and apply a clean uterUS EcoPad.

When you are ready to wash your Ecopads, place the pads into the mesh wash bag and throw the bag in the washing machine. Pads can go in the dryer, or be hung to dry. 

Just like bras and underwear, delicate cycles and low heat will help your pads last longer.

uterUS Frequently Asked Questions

How much liquid does the EcoPad hold?

uterUS EcoPads hold up to 5 teaspoons of water or urine. Blood is thicker than water, so the pads hold quite a bit. If you have a really heavy overnight flow, positioning of the pad is key.

Will the EcoPad conceal odor?

Our resusable pads have an absorbent center layer that is infused with antimicrobial silver ions to inhibit bacterial growth, control bad odors, and create long-lasting freshness without toxic chemicals.

What are EcoPads made of?

The top layer in our EcoPad is a soft bamboo and organic cotton blend that wicks moisture away from the body and into the super-absorbent middle layer. The super-absorbent middle layer is antimicrobial, and the layer that is placed against your underwear is bamboo with a leak-resistant backing. Our fabrics are manufactured in the United States without harmful chemicals.

Where are EcoPads made?

uterUS EcoPads are made in Colorado as part of an initiative to tap into a ready workforce of locally skilled workers. Our U.S. sew center prides itself on paying a livable wage and providing a healthy work environment.  As we grow, we plan to further promote this model of sourcing jobs.

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